Inspired by Norman Rockwell

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Norman Rockwell was an early inspiration for me. My mother introduced his work to me when I was very young. She purchased a wonderful book showing all his art, and as I turned each page I was in awe discovering each of his illustrations. I couldn’t imagine how he painted so realistically. I loved how he captured so many expressions in his subjects and I was fascinated to learn that he often posed his subject on a stool and then turned the pose upside down to recreate “a fall”. It was also fun to learn that he often used neighbors, both adults and children, in his art. So I was thrilled when the Crocker Art Museum featured a show with his work. They also exhibited every Saturday Evening Post cover that Rockwell was on. I went to the exhibit twice and took my photo in his famous self portrait pose. The museum set up the exact same scene so visitors could pose at his easel. It was fun to reenact that painting! I found his art to be even more amazing in person.

The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts has over 900 pieces in their collection and has ongoing traveling exhibits across the country. Check the website for upcoming exhibits or plan a trip to see the museum. If an exhibit of Rockwell comes to your area it is definitely worth a visit (or two)! What artists have inspired you?