Leap Year Baby


Today I discovered Buddha Baby has a Leap Year Birthday! No wonder we didn’t know his birthday! He only has a birthday approximately every four years, so that explains his young spirit with an old soul. He is born of terra cotta clay from the earth. As you can see he really celebrates with all the fanfare since he has to wait four years. We’re not sure how old he really is (does one only count the year with the actual date or count the actual years?). He could be 25 or 100 years old depending on the way it’s counted.

Leap day is full of superstitions, folklore, traditions and myths. The most common tradition is that it is the only day a woman can propose to her beloved. Also, it is not advised to have a wedding on leap day because it means bad luck and may not be considered legally binding (not to mention few anniversaries to celebrate!). Sadie Hawkins dances are often held near leap day when a woman can ask her partner to the dance. Obviously most of us would consider these to be outdated. To learn about more traditions and folklore go to answers.com. Leap year isn’t always every four years. There are three criteria for a leap year according to the Gregorian calendar. Check out this link about leap year for more info about leap year information.

Do any of you have a leap year birthday?  How do you celebrate?

Note: If you are new to my blog you may be wondering, “Who is Buddha Baby?” Check out the “Adventures of Buddha Baby” to find out! He occasionally makes an appearance here as a creative advisor.