Buddha “Bunny”


Buddha Baby is all ears and ready for the Easter Egg Hunt!  Since he’s a chocoholic he loves all the chocolate eggs.  He also likes the licorice jelly beans.   As you can see he’s ready to do the bunny hop with his peep marshmallow friends.  Did you know it would take 43,000 Peep Bunnies to span the Golden Gate Bridge!  For more fun facts about the little yellow Peeps go to this link.

Buddha Baby has been filling my posts while I finish a commission that’s due.  I will post about it soon, since I hope to be done this week!  It’s been quite an endeavor!  It’s an aerial view for a local rancher on the Delta.

Happy Easter!

Buddha Baby finds the Pot o’ Gold

FullSizeRenderThis St. Patrick’s Day in California is a beautiful Spring day after the much needed rain. Buddha Baby is dancing a jig because he found the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. He’s got his shamrocks and green hat on ready to dance at the Feis with the leprechauns whom he feels akin to due to their small size and folklore. They always have a festive time together!  He’s looking forward to enjoying the traditional corned beef and cabbage for dinner. Maybe his “stone” character will disguise him as the Blarney Stone so that he can steal a few kisses. Meantime Buddha Baby is hoping the luck of the Irish will bring more rain and rainbows.

What are your St. Patrick’s Day traditions?  For the last 50 years in Chicago it has become a tradition to dye the river green on St. Patrick’s day. Watch this time elapsed video of the event.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Leap Year Baby


Today I discovered Buddha Baby has a Leap Year Birthday! No wonder we didn’t know his birthday! He only has a birthday approximately every four years, so that explains his young spirit with an old soul. He is born of terra cotta clay from the earth. As you can see he really celebrates with all the fanfare since he has to wait four years. We’re not sure how old he really is (does one only count the year with the actual date or count the actual years?). He could be 25 or 100 years old depending on the way it’s counted.

Leap day is full of superstitions, folklore, traditions and myths. The most common tradition is that it is the only day a woman can propose to her beloved. Also, it is not advised to have a wedding on leap day because it means bad luck and may not be considered legally binding (not to mention few anniversaries to celebrate!). Sadie Hawkins dances are often held near leap day when a woman can ask her partner to the dance. Obviously most of us would consider these to be outdated. To learn about more traditions and folklore go to answers.com. Leap year isn’t always every four years. There are three criteria for a leap year according to the Gregorian calendar. Check out this link about leap year for more info about leap year information.

Do any of you have a leap year birthday?  How do you celebrate?

Note: If you are new to my blog you may be wondering, “Who is Buddha Baby?” Check out the “Adventures of Buddha Baby” to find out! He occasionally makes an appearance here as a creative advisor.

Buddha Baby’s New Year’s Resolution

imageI recently heard that Buddha Baby made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get rid of some of his baby fat.  I’m not sure how he will do it since he’s already hollow.  Who has ever heard of a thin Buddha anyway?  If he loses weight he won’t look like a Buddha Baby anymore!   As you can see he’s been eating a lot of healthy fruits and veggies, but if he’s like the rest of us his resolution will soon be broken.   Every year I try to give up sweets, but I just can’t seem to give up chocolate since I’m a chocoholic.  Besides, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… maybe Buddha Baby will share his chocolates kisses with me.

Discover more adventures of Buddha Baby and his story in the category “Adventures of Buddha Baby”

Buddha Baby is Singing in the Rain!

Buddha Baby is Singing in the Rain

Buddha Baby is Singing in the Rain

At long last California is getting some much needed rain as we go into the 5th year of severe drought!  Buddha Baby is celebrating by singing (and dancing) in the rain!  He got out his umbrella and scarf – not that he needed it, since he’s waterproof.  He couldn’t quite do all the dance steps that Gene Kelly did in the movie, but he definitely played in some of the mud puddles.  You can see from his big smile that he’s having lots of fun!  Of course he is made of terra cotta, so he didn’t mind getting muddy, and he can easily be washed off.   The farmers are singing too, since our agriculture here has been suffering.   The rice growers in Northern California were limited on how many acres of fields they could flood and our local reservoir, Folsom Lake, is a mud puddle.  They have been finding lots of artifacts including old cars, houses and bridges at the bottom of our dry lake. We are on water restrictions and have been saving our shower water for the plants.  We still need a lot more rain to make up for our years of drought, so Buddha Baby is watching the rain gauge.

Stay tuned for more blog posts as I think I have this new blog figured out and have more time to post!

Buddha Baby goes wine tasting

Buddha Baby has discovered that Fall is the perfect time to go wine tasting in California.  The vineyard leaves are changing color and the temperature is crisp with clear blue skies.  He enjoyed his first taste of libations and wasn’t even asked for his proof of age.  I guess he’s just an ‘old soul’ at heart.  Maybe that’s why he “needs glasses,” as his new T-shirt says.

If you visit California, Napa and Sonoma aren’t the only

Fall vineyard grape leavesareas with wineries.  Check out some of my other favorite places such as the Santa Cruz Mountains (Zayante Vineyards, Bonny Doon, Bargetto), Lodi (Jessie’s Grove, d’Art Hand Crafted Wine), Clarksburg (Bogle, Heringer, Clarksburg Wine Co.,  The Old Sugar Mill), El Dorado (Perry Creek, Boeger), St. Helena (Beringer), Napa Valley (Folie a’ Deux).  Of course you could spend the day on the Napa Wine Train, where you enjoy a ride on an old train while watching the scenery go by and sipping a glass of wine.  What a great way to spend a beautiful Fall day in California!

Buddha Baby Goes Golfing

Buddha Baby with golf club and golf ball




Buddha Baby recently had the opportunity to go golfing at Sea Ranch in Gualala, CA.  As you can see he was really enjoying the beautiful weather.  This was at the 16th hole just after getting a hole in one!  It seems Buddha Baby can do almost anything once he sets his mind to it.  He’s definitely having many adventures and open to new experiences.  Another golfer actually knew who he was and asked  “What’s that Buddha Baby doing here?”  Who knows where he’ll turn up next!





Buddha Baby searches for his family roots

Buddha Baby with golden Buddha statue       Buddha Baby with gold and black Buddha statue


Buddha Baby has wanted to search for his roots and meet his ancestors.  So he took a trip to the Land of Medicine Buddha in the Santa Cruz mountains, California.   It is a Buddhist retreat center in the redwoods with beautiful hiking trails.  It is the perfect place to get away, relax and meditiate.  As you can see he was delighted to find some distant ancestors.  One was a golden statue where offerings could be left and the other was a welcoming golden faced statue.  He envied their golden beauty and important healing stature. His heritage comes from lessor known branches on the family tree.  Buddha Baby also discovered a giant golden scroll and prayer wheels. The smile on his face suggests he came back from the retreat with a greater sense of self and peace.  




Buddha Baby is a Giants fan!

Buddha Baby wearing Giants hat


Who would have guessed?  


Buddha Baby has been having many adventures, including watching his first baseball game.  It turns out Buddha Baby is a Giants Fan!  As you can see he’s really into the game and can’t seem to move away from the TV.   Maybe someday he will be able to watch a game in person and delight in some peanuts and Cracker Jacks.


Buddha Baby watching a Giants baseball game


Buddha Baby, Mindfulness and Tulips

Buddha Baby and Tulips flowers



Buddha Baby knows how important it is to stay centered and live in the moment, so he is stopping to smell the roses, that is…tulips.  He meditates and practices mindfulness.  He lets things roll off his shoulders and knows a positive attitude (and smile) go a long way.  You never catch him with a frown!  He is always excited to see what the next day brings and is open to new experiences.


Buddha Baby is contemplating his next big adventure. Should he go wine tasting, explore his roots or…?  If you have any ideas, he would like you to share them!