Elaine portraitI have fond memories of creating art as a child.  I originally went into graphic design, then pursued my true passion of painting.  I paint in a photorealistic style using watercolors and I love painting aerial scenes of California.  The scenes often look abstract when seen from an aerial perspective.  I frequently go flying with a local pilot to get images to paint from.  My most memorable flight was in a 1940’s Piper Cub plane.  The pilot kept the window open so that I could hang out the window and take my photos!

I received the Bronze Medal of Honor in the American Watercolor Association International Exhibition in 2013 and I am a signature member of the NWS, National Watercolor Society.  I just earned signature status in the AWS in 2016!

I also teach ceramic art as a visiting artist in local schools and I work in my private practice as an art therapist.

I usually blog about my art, inspirations, budding artists and a few miscellaneous topics.  My favorite category is “The Adventures of Buddha Baby,” which are humorous stories created to go with the silly photos of a sculpture I made.  You’ll have to check out what antics he’s been up to!  He often appears as my creative adviser.

You can go to my website to see more of my art.  I’m now on Instagram at #watercolor_waltz.  If you have ideas that you’d like me to post, let me know!

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