AWS Award and Exhibit

I have been encouraged to start a blog, but have put it off until now because I wasn’t sure what to blog about.  So I have created a list of ideas and encourage readers to give me your ideas too.  Since I am new to this, it may take some time to figure it out, so be patient with me. 


The first thing I want to share about is that I was honored not only be chosen to be in the American Watercolor Society International Exhibition, 2013, but I was also a top award winner.  I was thrilled to get into this prestigious show, let alone win an award!  My aerial landscape watercolor painting, “Delta Reflections,” won the AWS Bronze Medal with a cash award.  Since I have been dealing with some health challenges I wasn’t sure if I could attend the awards dinner in New York, but my doctors gave the OK to let me attend, so that was very exciting!  It was fun to meet the other artists and view the top watercolor paintings.  Every painting was absolutely amazing and it was awesome to be included in such a talented group of artists.  There were 5 judges who juried over 1400 entries into the show submitted from around the world.  Somehow they had to narrow the number down to only about 140 paintings to be included in the show.  Then there were 3 more judges who selected the 30 award winners.  When the exhibit closed it started on a traveling tour around the U.S. for the next year.  Check my “upcoming shows” page for a list of cities and dates.  Below are a few photos including me posing with my painting and the medal.   To order an exhibition catalog or get more information go to .



 Elaine Bowers, aerial landscape watercolor artist with AWS award winning painting          AWS International Exhibition award

“Delta Reflections” painted by Elaine Bowers                                                                        AWS Bronze Medal Award


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